How do you ensure that our architectural designs are delivered to the level of quality and detail that we want?

Combinations of factors feed into our focus on the detail: 40 years experience, using only subcontractors who are masters of their trade, rigorous execution of our project management system and the willingness to stake our reputation on it.

What variations are likely to appear in the final costs?

The quote we provide to you will come only after consideration of all detailed factors and council approval. The only variations, therefore, can come from design changes made by the homeowner or architect.

How will you keep to the timeline?

While not every contingency can be made as some things like weather are out of our control, everything we can affect we do with precision execution. From careful planning through to diligent site management, close relationships and exceptional flow of communication between all parties are key features that keep work on site and behind the scenes running on schedule.

How do you manage defects on site?

Transparent, fast and effective action on a defect is the only way. To keep defects to a minimum we ensure that quality systems and procedures marry with good site documentation, along with exceptional management of site and personnel.

What procedures do you have in place to keep to budget?

Cost overruns can be caused by a range of factors and we rigorously ensure the following quality control measures to keep work on budget: Quality workmanship from qualified trades, Australian standard materials and rigorous site management of documents, programming and sequencing of works.

How To Get Started?

Focussed on quality driven by a strong, mutually beneficial relationship, we are excited to start by discussing your project in detail with a personalised consultation. Creating a detailed understanding of your vision, plans and expected outcomes is achieved when we discuss the following:

What are the creative and practical goals to be achieved?

What is the budget in place for achieving these goals?

Have you sought expert advice from a builder yet?

What is a realistic timeline for commencement to completion?

What are the known obstacles to achieving these goals?